As one of the world’s largest travel and destination management companies, the JTB Corporation has built a knowledge and understanding of customer service that helps us to consistently deliver great experiences to our clients.

With our global headquarters based in Tokyo, the JTB group has worked for over 100 years to win the trust of our customers around the globe. Our operations are spread over six regions including Asia Pacific, Europe, The Americas, China, Korea and Micronesia. The JTB group employs around 26,000 people in 37 countries and 105 cities supporting a variety of client focused business activities.

The first Australian office opened in Sydney in 1962 and became a wholly owned subsidiary company in 1986. We currently operate under the direction of our Singapore regional headquarters and continually aim to develop products and services that both meet and exceed our client’s evolving expectations and needs.

Every service offered by JTB Australia begins by first understanding the client’s strategic goals, matching it to the appropriate experience and then delivering it with an emphasis on operational excellence.

Trusting your travel and destination arrangements to JTB ensures you receive the highest level of service at each point along the journey.

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